Ax Men

Gabe Rygaard

Gabe Rygaard Bio Wiki Net Worth

  • Wife: Katy Rygaard
  • Mother: Kat Rygaard
  • Children: Aiden, Trilby, and Tucker
  • Net Worth: $2.9 Million
  • Lives: Port Angeles, Washington
  • Business: Rygaard Logging
  • Birthday: August 3, 1971
  • Age: 43 years old
  • Birthplace: Sequim, Washington

Gabe RygaardAx Men is the breakout hit on History Channel. Now going into it’s seventh season the series has undergone several changes including following new logging companies in different parts of the US and spin offs including one for the show’s most popular character Shelby Swamp Man Stanga. With the changes there have been some who voluntarily and involuntarily left the show like Craig Rygaard who retired after filming season 6. Throughout the series we saw his performance at work become slow and sluggish and it seemed his lack of coordination was becoming a threat to his life.

Craig Rygaard GabeLogging is not an easy job. Despite how profitable it has been for Craig Rygaard and his son Gabe Rygaard it’s entirely too dangerous and with any wrong move could cost the Ax men their lives. Gabe has even had several injuries including having a bundle of logs fall on him and crack his back. ┬áHe got a spinal concussion and was knocked out for several weeks. People also get killed regularly on the trucks. Fortunately Rygaard has never had nay fatalities but they have had severe injuries that have sent men to big medical facilities. One of their biggest competitions owner of Browning, J. Browning had his had severed from getting his arm sucked up in a shredder. It was a mutual decision between father and son Gabe to let his father go for his own safety. Now Craig is at home in Washington spending time with his family and his millions he acquired over the many years Rygaard Logging has been in business.

Gabe Rygaard LoggingGabe Rygaard joined the show in season 2 with his father and their logging company. Gabe lives in Sequim Washington with his wife Katy Rygaard and their three children Aiden, Trilby and Tucker. Gabe is a man of faith and attends the Sequim West Foursquare Church. His father Craig was not a man of faith, he was an alcoholic and unfortunately Gabe witnessed his father’s drinking pattern and witness his erratic behavior growing up. His mother was a Christian and helped Gabe discover his faith when he was 10 years old. He and his wife Katy own the timber brokerage company and before Ax Men their company was featured on an episode of Extreme Home Makeover where they donated their wood and created furniture and helped build a home for a needy family.

Gabe Rygaard loggingRygaard Logging was founded in 1993 by Craig. Before that Craig’s father was a logger but he worked for several different companies. Craig was the first to actual own a business. He started the business when Gabe was in high school. Craig took some money that he had and invested in old machinery to cut down trees. His sons didn’t want to go to college and they obviously didn’t want to work at McDonalds so he started the company as a family venture to give them something to do. Despite Craig’s drinking problem, Gabe still sees him as the hardest working man he knows. After 13 years in the game Craig turned the company over to his son Gabe and it’s been a rocky ride ever since. Since they started the company when Gabe was 17 years old they butted heads and have had physical altercations on work sites. Their working relationship got so volatile that Gabe left for several years but when he came back his father Craig handed the business over to him and became his employee.

Craig Rygaard Gabe Ax Men showIt’s tough to be a lumberjack since there are hundreds of environmentalist and lobbyist who have encouraged Washington to set laws to preserve America’s lands. The regulations and standards that have been set for the industry have made it increasingly hard for businesses to stay a float which has removed most of the competition from Rygaard logging. The Federal Government also owns much of the land which is red taped in Washington. This season History has decided to add Rygaard’s biggest competition to the show Oakes Logging also located in Port Angeles.

At 4am the first loggers report for duty every morning during logging season in the Pacific Northwest. Gabe uses millions of dollars worth of heavy machinery to cut down timber in the mountains. The goal is to make profit get down some heavy timber but the biggest goal is to get out alive. It’s a very dangerous jobs and the daily risks have been showcased every Sunday night for years on History Channel.